Learning from Experience Trust

Welcome to the Learning from Experience Trust (LET)

We live in a world being continually reshaped by developing technologies. It is a world where mobile devices provide quick access to new information via the internet, where social media offer links to ever expanding networks of potential contacts.

It is fast becoming a world in which future learning and employment needs cannot be predicted. Despite the introduction of new learning technologies, the learning we gain through our experiences remains one of our most potent pathways into new learning.

The learning we gain from experience can take place formally through placements, work-based learning and volunteering and informally by reflecting on the experiences we encounter in our everyday lives.

Because learning from experience is a continuing process it retains its relevance as a teaching and assessment strategy and as a foundation for career development and social inclusion.

The LET intends this website to become a platform on which ideas can be exchanged and contacts made between all those interested in the uses of learning from experience.