Links and Ideas

Making links

LET would like to know of other individuals and organisations that have interests in experiential learning.

Once permission is given LET would like to promote and arrange for links to be shared, publicising the work of others. This will provide an active resource for wider audiences. It would facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience by setting up discussion forums and acting as a broker to bring together those with common interests.

Contact should be made through this website, our Twitter account and other social media links as they develop.

Exchanging ideas

LET has launched this website as an information exchange hub for the development of Learning from Experience

1. To start this process of LETis making its own archive available through the Library at Birkbeck College. This archive includes a collection of learned and practical documents relating to experiential learning including APEL. The collection is currently being digitised to make it accessible to researchers and practitioners in the field.
2. LET has also drafted a research bibliography which it hopes other researchers will amend and add to with the aim of creating a useful new resource on experiential learning.
3. Finally, the TrustLET is making all the resources on this site suitable for downloading.

To submit a paper please email it to