The Trust

The Trust

The need for an organisation that focused on the recognition of learning from experience occurred to Professor Norman Evans in the late 1970s, when searching for a way of encouraging experienced professionals onto Teacher Education programmes. This seemed to him to be a relevant and logical approach.

He found a way to achieve this aim through the work of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning in the USA.

Following a series of successful pioneering research projects supported by the Policy Studies Institute, LET was established as an independent Charity in 1986.

LET conducts research into ways of developing the concept of experiential learning, promotes its use in education, training, industry, commerce and the public and voluntary sectors.

LET focuses on developing and disseminating ‘good practice’ in the areas of:

  • Increasing the use of Learning from Experience in student placements, work-based learning and volunteering
  • Developing practical ways of assessing and awarding credit for prior learning and learning from experience
  • Using the learning gained from experience to improve the functioning and development of groups and organisations
  • Increasing social inclusion by widening participation in education and training to under-represented groups and non-traditional learners.

Over the past 30 years LET has become one of the UKs, leading authorities on learning from experience and its recognition as a pathway into lifelong learning.