How can learning from experience help me?

The accreditation of learning from experience is the process of recognising and awarding credit for certificated prior learning or the learning gained by reflecting on experience.

The process can take place formally through organised work experience placements, work-based learning and volunteering, or informally by reflecting on the experiences encountered in everyday life.

This gives two distinct starting points requiring two different routes to obtaining credit or entry.

What is accreditation of prior learning?

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Most educational institutions now accept the processes of awarding credit. They are sympathetic towards assessing individuals for their readiness for entry into study programmes.

Both routes offer a platform for increasing access into education and training. It assists those working in organisations needing to use their existing experience as a springboard for re-training or a change or development in their career.

There are three potential problems to overcome with these routes:

1. How to make the application process less time consuming and more accessible?

2. How to structure the costs of providing tutor support and guidance to the applicants?

3. How to devise systems that provide transferability of the outcomes between institutions?

To overcome these issues some professional bodies, such as The Association of Facilitators, have devised computer assisted systems for preparing portfolio preparation. Computer assisted portfolio systems are also available commercially.

Using technology based approaches is particularly useful to individuals wishing test out whether they might be able to claim credit or for those going through the actual process of doing so.